About Diana


Diana Feltz is a highly accomplished professional with a background in Exercise Physiology and a strong history in the fitness and healthcare industry. With an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, she initially worked in Cardiac Rehabilitation at NASA, conducting stress tests on astronaut candidates. She then spent years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, teaching at Richland Jr. College, working in the Prenatal/Postpartum Program at Presbyterian Hospital, and serving as an Assistant Director at corporate fitness facilities. Her experience at Haden Industries ignited her passion for equipment design and improvement.

Over two decades, Diana has made significant contributions to the Pain Medicine Industry, specializing in strength testing and training with Cybex Isokinetic equipment, and directing Pain Management and Workhardening Programs. Her personal experience with a back injury led her to embrace Pilates as a rehabilitative technique, and she has been certifying Pilates teachers since 1998 for the PhysicalMind Institute in New York. Diana has played a pivotal role in educating various stakeholders about the benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation, working to obtain insurance pre-certifications for this powerful technique. She now travels extensively, continuing to work with clients and develop her own Pilates-based rehabilitative tools that have made a positive impact on individuals of all ages, with two patented designs inspired by her clients’ needs and experiences.

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