Our Services

CoreBella BarrelCoreBella provides services to train the Patient/Client population through Physical Therapy Clinics, Pilates studios as well as Video Instruction that may be purchased through our website.

Physical Therapists may instruct their clients who have completed their physical therapy to purchase the CoreBella Corrective Spine Corrector for their own in-home physical maintenance.

Private workshop instruction maybe scheduled through this website with a Fitness/Pilates studio, see event schedule or contact us for more information.

Individuals looking to deepen their abdominal work to help stabilize their backs for daily activities, heavy workload or chronic back pain may purchase the CoreBella Corrective Spine Corrector along with Instructional Video through this website.

The CoreBella Spine Corrector can benefit everyone who uses it regularly.

  • Baby Boomers
  • Seniors  
  • Back Pain Sufferers
  • Pregnant Women
  • Dancers
  • Individuals with alignment issues or those who simply want to improve their bodies look and mobility by creating stronger deep core abdominal and back musculature



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