1. Side Oblique work with Knee Lifted. Small, slow and controlled pulsing movement with Exhalation letting the ribs gently lift away from your Spine Corrector leaving bottom rib pressed against the Arc as you slowly roll back to start position. Try to keep Obliques fully engaged throughout 8-10 Repetitions.


2. Progression here into controlled movement using Obliques to bring knee into chest while Exhaling!


3. Extended Leg version of same series of movements with arms and legs coming up together on and Exhale as a full movement releasing back to Inhale lengthening back out on your side over your Spine Corrector.


4. Standing grounding Breathwork!  Inhale through the nose, Exhale from the low abdomen releasing any tension in your jaw. May also place the tongue to roof of your mouth to release the breath drawing navel back towards your spine exhaling fully from the low belly.

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